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meta3pro.com mission is to democratize wealth in gaming industry by decentralized it through blockchain. Our gaming concept is based on NFT, Blockchain and VR.

For the global adoption of blockchains, a secure platform that enables contact between smart contracts and the external world is crucial. Smart contracts will have to rely only on knowledge already within their networks without blockchain oracles, which would considerably restrict their capabilities.

Digitizing Assets are the key to the future of traditional assets as we approach a more online centric world. With the onset of covid access to the internet has been more prevalent than ever with people from all typers of job backgrounds have to work from home.

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Games Revenue Model

A mobile game business model is a monetization strategy developers use to drive revenue for their app. They can either choose to monetize through a one-time payment, in-app purchases (also known as microtransactions), or via ad monetization.


Blockchain technology offers a number of unique advantages over other systems that make it such a perfect fit for gaming. Firstly, there's the transparency angle. In blockchain systems, data is written automatically to a distributed ledger, which by definition provides an immutable, trusted source of truth.


Earn real Crypto Currency, sent to your smart wallet by playing a fun and addictive game. Build a blockchain by stacking blocks, and claim higher rewards with a longer chain. Version 4: More rewards and bigger prizes!

The Largest NFT MarketPlace

Welcome to the biggest NFT marketplace in the digital arts industry. Here you can find rare collectibles for all kinds of art work made by talented.
Creators from all across the globe. Whether you are interested in digital art, photography or unique mixed media, you can find it here.



  • Need, Identification and Analysis (done)
  • Idea Projection & Implementation Planning (done)
  • Building Team, Community and IDO (done)
  • Roadmap, Whitepaper and ICO (done)
  • DAPP-Multi Utility App (working)
  • Listing with multiple exchanges (working)

Phase 2

  • Utility Programmes Liasioning (coming soon)
  • Hiring of Experts & Team (coming soon)
  • Decentralized Wallet (coming soon)
  • NFT Market Launch (coming soon)

Phase 3

  • Integration of Ecommerce on DAPP (coming soon)
  • Crypto Digital Banking (coming soon)
  • Payment Aggregator (coming soon)
  • Listing of INDO with Forex Pairs (coming soon)

Phase 4

  • Development of Blockchain (coming soon)
  • Mining Facilities Setup (coming soon)
  • Launching of Decentralized Exchange (coming soon)
  • Setting up of DAO (coming soon)


Our Features


Staking unlike it's staking counterparts which works with purchasing and then staking proof - of - stake tokens to earn a return denominated in the same assets, allows META3 holders to earn reserved currencies ( BNB, INDO, PANCAKE and other stipulated currencies for holding INDO. This reward and consensus mechanism provides a more direct way for holders to earn other cryptocurrencies as well as META3.

Metaverse Platform

As per the roadmap of META3 gaming Metaverse is another platform of the META3 ecosystem, this platform will launch META3 complete its own blockchain network. According to the CEO of the META3 ecosystem, the META3 team will launch a centralized Platform with gaming metaverse, an NFT and merchandise marketplace, and a Dex & Launchpad platform.

  • A Dex and Launchpad
  • A Metaverse for NFT Gaming
  • META3 Marketplace Merchandise

Blockchain Revenue

The blockchain technology is growing with each passing day. If you are wondering how Blockchain companies are making profits, You are at right place.

  • Transfer fees
  • Mining
  • Smart Contract Deploy
  • Developing Solutions For Specific Use Cases


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